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Pay Dues

When paying online, you will need the homeowner association name; type in Suncrest and select Suncrest Owners Association (Draper, UT). You will also need your account number (six digits), which can be found in your coupon book. If you do not have your account number, you can call the Association office.
The due dates for assessments are on the 1st of each month. Late fees are applied after the 15 of the month. Coupon books are mailed to owners approximately 30 days after receiving notification of move-in. 
Late fees are applied on the 15th day of the month as delinquent if not paid in full. We realize some homeowners may be experiencing hardship and cannot pay their assessments. We strongly encourage these homeowners to reach out to the association office to discuss payment plan options to avoid late fees and suspension of amenities.

Resident Portal

Don't forget that you can access your own Suncrest account! This portal will give you access to:
-Account Balance
-Links for online payments
-ACH set-up
And other important community information!

Direct Debit

We continue to make the direct debit payment option available at no charge. If you are set up for direct debit and your assessment has changed, the new amount will automatically be deducted. If you'd like to sign up for this option, please fill out the Direct Debit form with a voided check and email it to ACHSETUP@CCMCNET.COM or bring it to the Suncrest Office.

Electronic Checks & Credit Card Payments

To use either of these two services, please visit the CCMC Payment Page. Scroll to the last box on the page and use the link labeled "For communities not listed above, please use this link." There is a $14.95 processing fee per credit card transaction.  Please note there is no fee for paying by electronic check.  American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa will be accepted.  If you set up recurring payments through Union Bank, the recurring payments will expire 12 months from the initial set-up date.  CCMC and Union Bank are not related companies.  To comply with privacy laws, we do not share personal information.

Bill-Payment Services

Please review your account number and remittance address if you are using a bill-payment service. Many bill-payment services remit electronically, and the correct account number is essential for proper posting. Please be sure to include your Owners Association six-digit account number on the memo line of your check.
PO BOX 533182 
Atlanta GA, 30353

Do You Have Multiple Accounts?

When paying by mailing in your payment or through your online bill payment service, separate checks and envelopes must be used for each account. Each check should also list the account number to ensure timely and proper posting to the correct accounts. Please make sure to mail your coupon/statement stub with your payment. Any payments that cannot be processed automatically by the payment processing service center will be processed by converting your paper check into an electronic check transaction.
SunCrest OA
CCMC/Western Region
P.O. Box 553182
Atlanta, GA 30353
Should you have any questions regarding HOA payments, please contact Dalton Chadderdon in the Association Office at dchadd@ccmcnet.com or 801-572-1233.