Community Center
  • How do I rent a room at the Community Center?
    The Community Center has several room options available for residents to rent, including the Family Room, the pool Cabana and even the Village Green park. Depending on the area being rented, there are chairs and tables available. Residents will need to provide their own linens, however.

    For details on how to rent these areas, as well as pricing, check out our Facility Rentals page. 
  • Is there lap swimming available at the pool?
    Yes! We set times aside in the morning and/or evenings for those looking for lap swimming. See below for the lap swimming schedule

    Monday to Friday     6:00 AM to 9:30 AM and 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM
    Saturday                 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM
    Sunday                    10:00 AM to Noon
    These hours may vary on holidays or with swim team schedules.  Check out our Community Pool page for full details on hours and Pool Etiquette. 
  • What if I want to bring guests to the pool?
    The pool is a very popular amenity during the summer months and we understand that residents would like to bring guests with them. At the beginning of the summer season, each household will have 30 guest passes added to their account. When you arrive at the Community Center, the front desk staff will have you fill out a release form for your guests. A resident 18 years or older must accompany the guests at all times. Once these passes have been used up, you will no longer be able to bring guests to the pool. 

    If you plan on having a large number of guests, such as a birthday party, we recommend renting one of the rooms that has pool access. These guests would not count towards you guest passes. We do recommend reserving these in advance, as they will go quickly.
    For more information on guest passes, please contact Tracy at the OA Office at or call 801-572-1233.
  • Where is the Community Center and what amenities does it have?
    The Community Center is located at 2016 East Village Green Circle. Residents have access to a variety of amenities there, including a swimming pool with slide and lazy river, fitness facilities, outdoor tennis and basketball courts and various rooms to rent. 
    Remember, you do need your access card in order to use these amenities. 

Design Review & CC&Rs
  • I want to make changes to my home or landscaping, what do I need to do?
    We love that you want to make changes to and update your homes or landscaping, but it's important to remember that these changes do need to adhere to the established Design Guidelines and require approval from our Covenants Committee. An Architectural Improvement application form must be submitted to Aimee Toner in the OA Office at
    To review the current guidelines and for more information on the process, please visit our Design Guidelines page. 
  • Where can I find a copy of the CC&Rs?
    The Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&R's) help create interlocking relationships binding all the owners to one another and to the Owners Association for the purposes of maintaining, governing,and funding the development. They also establish protective standards, restrictions, and obligations in areas ranging from architectural control to prohibitions on various activities in order to promote harmonious living.

    You can review this information on the Governing Documents page. 

Owners Association
  • How do I find out about community events or meetings?
    The SunCrest Community features numerous events and activities throughout the year, from our Annual BBQ and Movies in the Park to our Daddy Daughter Dance and Fall Festival. We also hold monthly Board of Trustees meetings that we encourage you to attend. There's a few different ways to stay current on what is happening in the community.
    If you enjoy social media, our community Facebook page is a fast and easy way to stay current. Our Instagram page gives you a unique perspective of the community, showing off the beauty you'll find here. You can also sign up for our weekly email blast, the SunCrest SceneOr, there's the new event calendar featured here on our website. 
  • How do I go about setting up my Comcast account?
    Comcast internet and basic cable are included with your monthly HOA dues. Once you have closed on your home, you can contact Comcast directly by calling 855-307-4896 and make sure you tell them you are part of the SunCrest Bulk Agreement. From there, you can visit the Xfinity store located in Draper to pick up your equipment. 

    If you are in a new construction home, please contact Tracy at the OA Office ( or 801-572-1233) so she can have your information submitted to Comcast. She will instruct you how to proceed from there. 
  • How do I receive the weekly email blast?
    The SunCrest Scene is the weekly email blast that is sent out to the members of the SunCrest Owners Association. In it you will find all the latest info on events, meetings, special announcements, contests and even information from Draper City. 

    If you'd like to be added to the email list, please contact Josh at the OA Office at or call 801-572-1233. 
  • What is an access card and how do I get one?
    Your amenity card gets you access to the swimming pool and hot tubs during the summer months, as well as the work out facilities located in the community center. It is important that you bring this card with you any time you're visiting the facility. Residents who are 12 years or older are eligible for a card, but there still may be some restrictions applied. 

    To get an access card, visit Tracy in the Owners Association on the upper level of the Community Center. For more details, visit our Access Card page. 
  • Where is the Owners Association Office located?
    You can find us at 2016 East Village Green Circle. You can find full contact information on our Management Contact page.