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Design Guidelines

What Are The Design Guidelines For?
The purpose of the Design Guidelines is to protect your property value and preserve the community's aesthetic. Per the Governing Documents for Suncrest, before any exterior modification/project is made to a home, it needs to be reviewed and approved by SunCrest Management.
For any questions regarding the Design Guidelines in Suncrest. Please contact
Holly Walther at hwalther@ccmcnet.com
Edelweiss Community
The Edelweiss Community features its own set of policies and guidelines regarding design. To review the Design Guidelines for the Edelweiss community, Click Here. See Proposed Edelweiss Community Fencing Amendment

Property Improvement & Landscaping

A property improvement application must be submitted for review by the Design Review Board before any exterior home or landscaping project. Please fill out and submit your application below, and it will automatically be submitted to the management team and Board.
When entering your address in the online application, only enter your home address number. For example, if the address is 2016 E Village Green Cir. You will only enter "2016."
The Design Review Board will make every effort to approve or disapprove a submittal within ten (10) business days from submittal acceptance. However, the lack of a response within this time frame shall not be considered an approval as some items require more time for review. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate callive the SunCrest OA Offill at 801-572-1233 or email Holly Walther, the Community Manager, at hwalther@ccmcnet.com.

RV Parking - (May - September)

RV parking in Suncrest (May - September) with the following criteria. 
Be sure to read all the required steps and criteria.
RVs (non-commercial utility trailers, boats, watercraft, truck campers, popup campers, trailers, fifth wheel, toy haulers, and motor homes) may be continuously parked at selectively permitted owners' residences from May to September, subject to conditions:
Residents must apply for and be granted a permit by submitting a Property Improvement Application with a photo of the specific RV and a drawing and dimensions of a possible pad area.
All RVs must be parked on an approved hard surface on the side of the owner's primary residence, behind the front plane of the house.
The permit is valid May-Sept of this current year approved for. Permit, if approved, may be revoked for non-compliance or complaints. An RV change requires a new permit.
Coverings made explicitly for the RV are approved, and improvised covers (tarps, plastic sheets, etc.) are not approved. 
All RVs must be operable and in good condition, reasonably clean, and free from mud. No flat tires, broken parts, etc. 
No RV may be maintained, constructed, reconstructed, or repaired on-site.
All RVs must display a current license and be registered if legally required.RVs must never be occupied after 10 pm at the residence; generators may be checked for operation only during daylight hours for brief periods.
Draper City Code 9-25-050-(G)(H) applies.
Important: Before constructing the required hard pad, submit a Property Improvement Application; a site visit will be required. Work must NOT be started prior to approval. Include a sketch with proposed dimensions and location and a photo of the RV to be permitted. Neighbors whose views may be affected may be confidentially notified and surveyed.


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Swale Maintenance

SunCrest's drainage system includes a network of drainage swales critical to managing the snowmelt and stormwater runoff within SunCrest. Residents are responsible for maintaining swales located on their properties to prevent water build-up. To read more about swales, including maintenance information, Click Here. If you are unsure if your property has a swale, please contact the OA office at 801-572-1233.