Community Pool

Suncrest Community Pool
Please Note:
  • Pools may be temporarily closed in the event of severe weather, thunder, lightning, and for any water quality concerns.
  • Please be sure that each resident has their OWN community ID card to enter the pool. 
  • We want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable experience while visiting our facilities. Your understanding and cooperation in following the pool rules help to ensure that all patrons have a safe and enjoyable time while at the pool.  

Pool Rules

Pool Etiquette
To make the experiences of you and other SunCrest residents more enjoyable, we ask that you keep a few things in mind while visiting.
  • No rafts or other large flotation devices are allowed. Appropriate small pool toys are permitted, subject to the pool monitor's discretion.
  • Glass containers, alcohol, and smoking in the pool and on the pool deck are strictly prohibited.
  • No eating or drinking while in the pool.
  • No pets (other than service animals) are permitted in the pool area.
  • Swim diapers are REQUIRED for all children and babies who are not potty trained.
  • No running, diving, flips into the pool, or horseplay is permitted.
  • No abusive language or behavior, loud music, or excessive noise.
  • Appropriate swimwear must be worn—no denim cutoffs.
  • The Association assumes no liability or responsibility for loss, theft, or damage to personal property or effects left in the pool or park area.
  • Please be respectful of the number of chairs your group uses and allow for others to utilize them as well. Adults will take priority.
Pool Rules & Policies
  • The pool and spas are for members of the SunCrest Owners Association and their guests only.
  • A SunCrest OA Membership Card is required to enter the pool. Staff will no longer be able to look you up in our database.
  • All residents 12 and older are REQUIRED to use their own cards to enter. Use of a membership card by any individual other than the individual to whom the card was issued will result in the deactivation of the presented card.
  • No one under the age of 12 is permitted without adult supervision (A resident 18 years or older).
  • An adult must accompany children who cannot swim at all times.
  • Members are prohibited from opening the gate or doors for another person, guest, or otherwise.
  • If you have lost your card, a replacement can be issued at the cost of $10 per card.
  • A maximum of 30 guest passes per household will be issued each season. No more than 10 guest passes per day. If you'd like to bring more guests, please inquire about renting a room. Contact Tracy in the OA Office for more info. If you own any additional lots in the community, you will be issued eight (8) guest passes per lot owned.
  • Residents will be required to sign guests in to accept liability for them.
  • All residents are REQUIRED to scan their cards at the front desk and receive a stamp on their hand (including guests). The lifeguard office will check for the stamp before pool entry.
  • Children 12 and over are allowed their own cards to enter the pool alone. However, they CANNOT bring guests if they are under the age of 18. Parents MUST sign a release form for this to happen.
  • If you are a new resident or renter, please see Tracy in the OA Office or email her at
  • For children over the age of three, please get in touch with Tracy for the required form to have them added to your account.
  • If you are over the age of 18 and live with a resident or your parents and are not the owner listed on the account, you must show proof of residency (ID, mail, bill, etc., that has your address listed) to receive a membership card.
  • If you are late on your dues, have fines, or moved from the community, your membership card(s) will be deactivated.
  • Any parent/guardian who is found to be responsible for closure due to fecal matter may be assigned all costs to clean and reopen the pool. All children aged 2 and under are REQUIRED TO WEAR A SWIM DIAPER AND PLASTIC PANTS. Anyone three and over who is not potty trained must also wear a swim diaper and plastic pants. Violations may result in fines and possible suspension.
  • Immediate removal, suspension of privileges, and/or fines may result from any violations.
  • The association assumes no responsibility or liability for loss, theft, or damage to personal property or effects left in the pool or park area.

Guest Passes

Each home in the community is provided with 30 guest passes. These should already be added to your account. If you have questions about these passes, contact Tracy in the OA office at or 801-572-1233

Swim Lessons

There are a variety of options available to residents in regards to Swim Lessons at the Community Center.
"Parent & Me" classes all the way up to "Endurance" classes for the more advanced. There will be four two-week sessions held during the Summer, between 9:30 AM and 11:40 AM, Monday - Friday.
For all the details on the classes and to determine which class is best for your child(ren), as well as registration and session dates, download the Swim Lesson packet, or stop by the Community Center and speak with the Lifeguard Office. 
For further information on Swim Lessons, please contact the lifeguard office at 801-572-1233 or email our Aquatics Director, Nicole, at

Cabana Room & Party Room Rental

If you have many guests coming for a party, you have the option to rent a room with pool access. Here are the policies and rules for pool area room rentals.
The renting of either the Party Room or the Cabana does not count towards your 30 guest passes.
The Party Room (located between the locker rooms)
  • 35 person capacity
  • Mon-Thurs ($18/hr)
  • Fri-Sun ($23/hr)
  • Please note that the lifeguard office is located in this room and will need access at all times.
The Cabana Room (located on the pool
  • 28 person capacity
  • Mon-Sun ($18/hr)
  • You CANNOT exceed the room capacity. If you exceed the capacity, guests will be turned away.
  • Specialized Guest Passes will be issued for the day of your room rental in the amount of the room capacity. These will be REQUIRED to enter the pool area.
  • A Room Rental Agreement will need to be filled out for all rooms rented at the Clubhouse.
  • Once your rental time has expired, all guests associated with that party must exit the pool area.
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