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As part of the many amenities in SunCrest, high-speed internet and cable are included with the Master Association dues. A portion of resident monthly assessments is contributed to the internet for $40 monthly. Comcast/Xfinity provides internet. If you choose a different provider, you cannot opt out of the $40 monthly fee included in dues.
What does my service include?
  • "Popular TV" Package
    • (1 - 3) X1 TV Boxes per home. (This does not include more than 3 boxes)
    • 125+ Channels >>See Channels Here
    • Xfinity On Demand
    • Voice Remote
    • Xfinity Stream App for mobile TV anywhere you go
  • "Fast" Internet Speed (400mbps)
    • (1) Xfinity Internet Modem/Router
    • The Internet includes optional for additional cost: Xfinity Mobile up to 10 lines.
What is different from the old agreement?
  • X1 and HD are included in the new agreement that was not in the previous agreement.
  • The previous agreement included 1 Standard box. The new agreement includes 3 X1 HD boxes.
  • The speed tier Doubled on the Internet previously at 200/5 Mbps. New agreement 400/10 Mbps
  • Same rate with no increase.
What should I do with my old equipment?
  • Please don't bring old equipment to the Clubhouse.
  • Option 1: You can speak to any Xfinity store to return old equipment
  • Option 2: Xfinity has partnered with UPS. You can go to any UPS store and drop off your old equipment. You do not need to box it up; they will do that for you.
Note: all upgrades beyond the Bulk Agreement package are between the Homeowner and Comcast. Please see the website for details on what is included in the box.
New Builds
Step 1: Call the HOA office at (801) 572-1233 or email Dalton at dchadd@ccmcnet.com to have them add your property address to the SunCrest internet list. Give at least 24 hours before proceeding to Step 2.
Step 2: After 24 hours, Contact Xfinity bulk services at (855) 307-4896 and tell them you are part of the “Suncrest Bulk Agreement” and give them your address. They will assist you in setting up a time to pick up your cable and internet box. Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment to install them at your home.
Existing Homes
If you already have an internet modem and cable box at your residence, you don’t need to do anything, as the modems are associated with your address and not the Homeowner’s name. 
If there is no modem in the home, the homeowner (not the renter) can call Comcast / Xfinity at (855) 307-4896 and let them know you are part of the "SunCrest Bulk Agreement." And they will help you get set up from there. 
If there is no modem in the home, contact your property manager and direct them to this page.