Stoneleigh Heights

Stoneleigh Heights Neighborhood Association
Community Manager: Holly Walther
**The Board Members' fiduciary responsibility requires us to look at current and long-term funding needs. To continue to maintain and improve our community, we must ensure that sufficient funds are available. The Stoneleigh Heights Board Members and the SunCrest management team have worked hard to approve the 2022 budget. This budget reflects a monthly assessment increase to $108.00/month. The funding increase is due to increased snow removal expenses and increased reserve funding for private roadways repair and maintenance.

Upcoming Meetings

All meetings are over zoom. Open Meetings are held every fourth Thursday of the month at 5:45 pm. 
October 28
November 25
December 23

Meeting Minutes

2021 Meeting Minutes


2021 Financial


For additional information regarding the insurance for Stoneleigh Heights, please get in touch with Brad Mckell at State Farm.
Phone: (801) 571-2400
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