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Meet The Candidates!

The Suncrest Annual Meeting is coming up fast! At this meeting, on June 22, 2022, you, the owners, will be voting for candidates to fill the two (2) open Board positions. Before casting your vote, please take a moment to read the candidate bios below.
Please note that all candidates must be in good standing (no violations and current on dues) by the day of the election, June 22, 2022.
After reading the bios, please fill out a ballot from the link below or pick up a hard copy from the main office at the clubhouse and submit it before the meeting; the deadline is June 22 at 5 pm. Remember that you must be a homeowner (not a renter) to submit a vote, and only one vote per household will be accepted.
Each ballot entry will give you a chance to win a raffle prize provided by various vendors and nearby companies. Keep an eye out for listed prizes in future newsletters and social media.
Please send any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions to Holly Walther before the meeting. You can submit them at 2016 E Village Green Circle, Draper, UT 84020, or email them to hwalther@ccmcnet.com. Questions and answers received before 6:00 pm, Wednesday, June 22, 2022, will be shared at the meeting.
Now, let's meet your candidates listed in alphabetical order!
Michael Anglin
Michael Anglin is a 5+ -year Suncrest resident who enjoys the Suncrest community. He is committed to providing residents with the best value for their HOA fees. After 38 years in the logistics industry, Michael can deliver services effectively and efficiently. Michael has a passion for helping this community. He is looking for an opportunities to make a difference. Other organizations include:
·        Community Education Partnership (CEP) – Board of Directors
·        Project Strong - Executive Director/President
·        SelectHealth – Board of Directors
·        United Way – Board of Directors
·        Utah Food Bank – Board of Directors
In addition, Michael is working to make a difference in West Valley City as the founding President of the Valley West Rotary club. This includes working with Kearns, Taylorsville, and West Valley City business owners and community leaders. 
Justin Benich
The reason why I would like to be on the board of this HOA is that there is a ton of good that comes with HOAs but there is a ton of BAD as well. The stuff that makes a neighborhood look good and have a feel good presence is the things we need to focus on. Not the fact that they can control every little thing that goes on with your property. There has never been a DISCUSSION with any of the things I have requested to do in the past only APPROVAL and DENIAL. If I were to be part of this board I would take the time to meet at your property and discuss what your vision is and dream. If it something that will improve the way your house looks and functions then that is a plus in my book. I love this neighborhood and the area that we live in the only thing I want is to make it a community that everyone can be proud to call home to.
John Callahan
Hi my name is John Callahan. I have been a resident of Suncrestfor 11 years, and a resident of Draper for 21 years. Our family has enjoyed living in this community and appreciate the interaction of the HOA and keeping the community consistent in appearance and safety.
I have been a member of the Suncrest Design Review Board for the past 3 years. I have also assisted with the group that audited and prepare the Suncrest HOA to transition from the City of Draper about 4 years ago. I have over 35 years of managerial experience dealing with operational processes and implementing plans and holding operations accountable for strong results. Currently I am a small business owner. A hobby after retiring.
I believe I have value to be added to the Board of Trustees with my experience and current experience with the HOA gives me a step ahead in knowledge of processes within our community. I offer a non­ aggressive manner to interpret, analyze, and resolve necessary decisions within the community of Suncrest. I have the personality that will easily fit into the Board of Trustees.
Thank you for the opportunity. 
Ashley Flynn
My name is Ashley Flynn and I have been a resident in Suncrest for 3 years now. I am a full-time mom and Educator. I have my MBA in Marketing and have been working in higher education teaching undergraduate students for more than 7 years now and working in marketing for more than 12 years. I currently not only teach, but mentor students on their academic success in the marketing field and hold a leadership role in the university and have served on committee boards to make university-wide program impact decisions. I have a keen eye for creativity and emersed in strategic business thinking as I have worked with top national companies over my marketing career to see their visions come to life and increase brand satisfaction and ROI. I am a critical thinker with data driven background that focuses on researching not the just the problem but digging down to the roots of the problem and all possible outcomes to ensure the most effective solution is selected that will create optimal results that everyone is happy with. I am passionate about making a community that represents its residents and is enriched with family friendly activities. I work from home so I am available to support the community as needed. With my background in marketing and love for this community, I am confident in my ability to continue to enhance Suncrest in the community that we want by listening to the voices of the residents and what they want and need. I have effective project management, digital marketing, relationship building (business and personal), and leaderships skills that will allow me to step in the board role right away and start focusing on the issues at hand while also making sure to create a fun family environment we have all loved. I am also very passionate about the outdoors and preserving our community’ vast natural habitat. I am very outgoing and have been a speaker many conferences and will be happy to standup and be that voice. I love this community and have no plans to leave as I want this to be a place my kids will always call home. I promise you that if selected, I will be right at the front speaking for you and making sure Suncrest continues to be the amazingly unique beautiful community it is for years to come.
Matthew Gutierrez
I moved from California last year for a superior lifestyle here in Utah. I live in the Edelweiss neighborhood with my wife, 7-year-old twin daughters, 3-year-old son, 4-month-old son, and our family dog. While waiting for our new construction home to be built, we enjoyed renting in Eagle Crest and Stoneleigh Heights for half a year. 
I own and run a business located out-of-state, working primarily remotely from Suncrest. I believe a good steward of any organization should evaluate ongoing contacts periodically to ensure the organization is receiving quality service and not spending unwisely. I have 4 years’ experience as a Board Member at my previous Owners Association. While on that Board I led an overhaul of existing contracts with third parties, including contracting with new attorneys and a new property management company. 
I am blessed to live in this beautiful mountain-top community and would be honored to serve as one of the Trustees for Suncrest.
Lisa Holcomb
I have been fortunate to call Suncrest my home and community since 2001. I was able to raise two children here and now have the blessings of sharing the beauty and this awesome community with my grandchildren. As the original builder/owner of our home I have no plans of leaving any time soon – it is our home, not just a house. Suncrest is a haven and refuge, and I can’t imagine calling home anywhere else in Utah. Being part of the history of growth and changes not only within Suncrest, but with Draper City, give me a wholistic approach to where we have been and where we need to move forward as a community and continue to develop into an integral community within Draper. Being an area like no other in Draper and being set apart from other communities within Draper has presented some unique challenges. As an active participant in Draper city council meetings, surveys, public forums, and correspondence, our especial community is always at the forefront of my involvement. Whether it has been to bring school buses up the hill, update boundaries for police and fire coverage, participate in the Urban Wildfire Management Committee through the Utah Northern Fire Interagency, petitions for TRSSD, numerous calls and emails to Salt Lake County and Draper City representatives for open space, or newspaper articles exalting Suncrest, our community uniqueness and the preservation of our extraordinary mountain community has been at the heart of my motivation. The Suncrest community needs to continue the efforts to make our inclusion as Draper citizens heard. As an active board member all the way back to the time of Voting Delegates I have remained committed to an active relationship with Draper city and all residents of Suncrest. Upon re-election I intend to continue conversations with Draper city for land purchase to further expand our parking near the clubhouse and pool area, following TRSSD budget and road maintenance and the impact to our community. While these activities are not directly controlled by the Suncrest HOA Board it is important to keep active participation and be a “voice” for our Draper neighborhood.
Purchasing a home in Suncrest is buying into a lifestyle; as such I have a vested interested in ensuring our amenities and activities remain first-class, monthly dues remain manageable, our monthly dues are spent wisely and the budget remains fiscally responsible, as well as supporting codes and guidelines that maintain the aesthetics of a community where we can all be proud to live and call home.
Areas of focus upon election to the Board:
-Expanded Parking
-Increased amenities
-Assess the reinvestment fee and provide focus where to be used
-No increase in monthly dues
-Support bringing Fiber to Suncrest
-Continued support for a WaterWise and FireWise community
Thank you for your vote and affording me an opportunity to serve you and the community we love!
Adam Koch
My family and I moved to Suncrest in November of 2000. We were one of the first families to call Suncrest home back when there were literally only 20 or so homes built at the time. It's grown so much and it's been fun to see this growth and to watch Suncrest come into it's own. I love Suncrest for the cooler summers, ease of access to trails, amenities that are offered and sheer beauty that surrounds us up here.
I have served on the Board of Trustee for the past 5 years. I served my first 2 years as a board member and the last 3 years as the Board President where I've become heavily involved in decisions being made on a weekly basis. My relationship with CCMC and Holly Walther (Suncrest Community Manager) has come to a point where we discuss and brainstorm frequently. The best part is that I work directly across the street and always make myself available when I'm needed to help out. I've learned a great deal while serving in these capacities and take a lot of pride for the condition, both fiscally and operationally, of our Home Owners Association. It's a fact that we are one of the least expensive HOA's in the Valley for the amenities we offer. I know this as a result of my profession as a full time Realtor and Owner of K2 Realty. Being in the Real Estate industry I like to think that I have a keen understanding of how to maintain and increase home value and it's always been my focus to make decisions that increase our homes values in Suncrest and also beautify our community as it ages and matures.
If you know me you'll know that I make decisions based on logic, reason, and common sense. I am a very even keeled individual that likes to hear and contemplate both sides of any issue. I think that's what has helped me to really enjoy this appointment over the last 5 years. I get along with everyone and have really enjoyed my affiliation with my fellow board members. We truly have a great Board and every one of us brings insightful debate and input to every decision made. Everything we do is in the best interest of the homeowners and home values here in Suncrest.
It would be an honor to serve as the HOA President for another 3 years if that is where I'm needed, however, I'm also just as happy to be on the board in general where my input and insight is needed.
Sayeed Sajal
I am an assistant professor and program coordinator of network tack in the department of Computer Science at Utah Valley University. Recently, I collaborated with others in the university to secure
$5 million dollars from the state. In conjunction of this grant, I am serving as director for Secure Computing and AI, as well as, I am leading to develop a new program named “ BS in Secure Computing”. I served in many vital roles, such as conference chair, faculty senate, university-level diversity council chair, and many more. Currently, I am serving several leadership positions such as chair in UVU Showcase, co-chair in SCULPT, co-chair in CET DEI committee, faculty advisor, Computer Science club, and faculty senate. In addition, I am a licensed realtor and have experience in real estate which I can utilize to shape the community in the right direction.
I earned my master's and doctoral degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from North Dakota State University. I also earned my MBA in Finance and Marketing. Besides, I have five years of industrial experience. I passionately love to teach as I believe in the "ripple effect of teaching" that will continue even after my death. I have published more than 50 publications in peer-reviewed conferences and journals. I also had a track record of securing several NSF grants (More than 20 Millions).
I am very passionate to serve and learn. I volunteered myself to promote our department, college and university in many recruiting events such as UVU Girls’ Engineering and Technology Day, UVU Day at Utah Capitol Hill. I am also serving in both CS faculty search and CET Dean search. I regularly organize a diversity & inclusion event, " International Mother Language Day," each year since 2016 to promote diversity and inclusion in local and global communities. In 2021, I initiated and organized the "International Mother language Day 2021" online for the first time at UVU and in 2022, I organized a big state-wide community event to promote diversity and inclusion for the first time in person at UVU. There were a lot of challenges to organize such a big event, but I overcame all the difficulties and successfully organized utilizing my leadership skills to promote diversity and inclusion.
I was awarded as "2019 North Dakota Governor's Roaming Bison" for my work in excellence in public service for the “K-20W Cyber Security Initiative”. I am very passionate about volunteer works that serve people. I describe myself as a dedicated teacher, mentor, community-leader and researcher to make the world a better place.
I believe in all the core values of Suncrest community, and I have the passion to serve for good. If I get an opportunity to serve in the Suncrest Board of Trustee, I can utilize my experience, skills and expertise to shape the community in the right direction. My mission will be to have inclusive, vibrant, and incredible Suncrest community.
Remember that you must be a homeowner (not a renter) to submit a vote, and only one vote per household will be accepted.
Each ballot entry will give you a chance to win a raffle prize provided by various vendors and nearby companies. Keep an eye out for listed prizes in future newsletters and social media.
Please email the completed ballot to Community Manager Holly Walther at hwalther @ccmcnet.com, no later than 5 pm on June 22, 2022. Or submit the ballot in person at the Annual Meeting on June 22, 2021