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Meet The Candidates!

The Suncrest Annual Meeting is coming up fast! At this meeting on June 26, 2024, you, the owners, will be voting for candidates to fill the two (2) open Board positions. Before casting your vote, please take a moment to read the candidate bios below.
Dave Augason
I am a dedicated problem solver with over 20+ years in leadership. I have been responsible for the profitability of various organizations, and I am highly skilled in complex negotiations. I have a deep passion for getting the job done right the first time and making sure people are my highest priority. 
I have a bachelor’s degree in business have served on the TRSSD board for 3 years and currently serving on the Suncrest HOA Board of Trustees as VP. I have lived in Suncrest for 20 years and have a vast understanding of this amazing place we call home. It is my desire to work on complex issues and serve the residents of Suncrest. I am currently employed at Les Olson Company in the position of Chief Sales Officer. Prior to Les Olson Company, I worked as a Regional Manager for Flying J Inc. I have a passion for the outdoors and will work diligently to protect home values and the Suncrest Lifestyle.
Jon James
I have been a resident of Suncrest for over 20 years now and raised my family on this beautiful mountain. During that time a lot has changed in our development. Some of it good, and some of it bad, and even a few unexpected changes. But, throughout it all we have always banded together as neighbors to figure out solutions to the issues we face living in a mountain community. I have been involved in many of the major issues that our community has faced. I've studied the potential solutions, discussed with city council members and the mayor and been to a few HOA board meetings and pledge to continue that approach should I be elected. As a homeowner here I think my concerns are probably similar to yours. I want to continue to maintain good property values for all the residents, maintain access to the corner canyon trail system, and continue to maintain the community as it shows signs of that aging. I work for SAP from a home office and spend most of my day on the mountain and feel obliged to volunteer my time to continue the good work that our past HOA board members have accomplished. 
Lisa Holcomb
Greetings Suncrest residents! 
My name is Lisa Holcomb, and our lot was purchased in 2000 with completion of construction in November 2001. My children grew up in our Suncrest home, and now my grandchildren visit and enjoy the beauty Suncrest offers. I am a Technical Operations Manager with a company I have been employed with for twenty-five years. In this management role I have developed solid skills in negotiating, compromising and listening. From early on in my residency at Suncrest I have been involved with committees and board representation. If you have been part of the Suncrest community for some time you may remember back to the days of voting delegates. It has truly been an honor to serve as a board trustee and I welcome the opportunity to continue serving the residents of Suncrest. While on the current board, we were able to work together to make progress on parking expansion, reevaluate and align the reinvestment fee, add equipment to the fitness center and additional chairs and shade areas to the pool, keep the social events and community activities in budget, just to mention a few accomplishments. There were also difficult decisions to be made as a board that would affect residents and the community now and in the future. Together we were able to navigate and focus on putting the best interest of our Suncrest community first. I have no hidden agendas and I always welcome open discussion with homeowners if there are ever any questions on my thought process for how I vote.This is our community and I share with you the common goal of preserving the beauty, nature, and mountain vibe of the community and the coveted uniqueness of living at Suncrest. We still have continued work to be done to see the increased parking to completion, fiducial oversight to ensure the reinvestment fee is being used appropriately, and to look for opportunities and planning for land or amenity expansion if warranted.
As the community grows, healthy dialogue between board members and homeowners will need to continue to preserve our wonderful community and ensure Suncrest is a place we are all proud to call home. Over twenty years of living at Suncrest and being active in the Draper community, as well as my knowledge of Suncrest CC&Rs, by-Laws, and finances along with a commitment and passion for our community are all reasons why I would love to be re-elected on the board.
Thank you for your consideration.
Nathan Lambson
My name is Nathan Lambson, and I'm committed to making the Suncrest community a better place for all of us. I’ve lived in Suncrest for 8 years, in multiple homes, and I’m a father of four. Many of you might know me as the guy who hosts the public traffic cam over the 4-way stop. I’m a small business owner and work a regular 9 to 5 job. I love our community and want to ensure it remains a great place to live.
I decided to run for a position on the Board of Trustees because I have concerns about the recent approval of new fees by the Board. While I understand the intent of these fees was to serve as a reinvestment into the community, I believe they will place an undue burden on current members and lack clear justification for how the funds will be spent. These fees seem more like an exit tax on current residents rather than an investment from new ones.
I believe in keeping things simple and reasonable. Less is more – fewer fees and fewer regulations.
In my ideal vision for Suncrest, we balance effective management with active community involvement. I know many residents are dealing with financial challenges, and the last thing we need is an increase in our living costs. While there may be times when increasing dues is necessary, it should be the last resort, with clear justification.
My experience as a business owner has taught me the importance of managing budgets and making wise financial decisions. I’m dedicated to making sure our community stays affordable and enjoyable for everyone.
In short, I want to keep Suncrest a place where we all feel at home without extra financial stress. As a Board member, I will push for transparency, efficient spending, and thoughtful solutions to our challenges. I’m ready to represent all Suncrest homeowners and ensure our community remains a great place to live.
Tony du Preez
It is too easy to sit back and allow other people to take care of the neighborhood – after doing that for the past 9 years, I felt that it was time that I made a contribution to it.
Brady Sines
Dear neighbors, 
My name is Brady Sines. My wife and I have lived in Suncrest for over 12 years. We have three kids with families of their own. I make a living running IT for a pharmaceutical manufacturing company here in Utah. I have never served on the HOA board in the past, though I have previously worked with the HOA leading Draper’s Neighborhood Watch and CERT efforts for Suncrest. I am very interested in serving on the Board of Trustees for the Suncrest Owners Association to help us understand exactly what homeowners are doing for the fees collected from us, especially the ‘reinvestment’ fee tied to home sales. I look forward to learning more about your concerns as a homeowner and working with the board to address them. Many thanks, Brady