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International Winter Holiday Celebrations - Peru
Posted on Dec 24th, 2020

For our final stop in the Winter Holiday Celebration, we're making a stop in South America for the Peruvian Chocolatada Navideña, a gathering for kids that dishes up amazing hot chocolate and sweet panetonne bread.
This celebration is often observed throughout December, mostly by smaller Andean communities who pool their money to put these events on. Kids line up, sometimes by the hundreds, to receive a cup of delicious Peruvian hot cocoa and a slice of sweet dessert bread. The kids then play games and activities for hours before receiving gifts of toys, dolls, candies, or biscuits.
This creamy cup of chocolatey goodness is quite easy to make and is great for the family to enjoy on a cold winter night like Christmas Eve! Here's a great recipe for you to try at home!
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