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International Winter Holiday Celebrations - Switzerland
Posted on Dec 7th, 2020

It's time to journey to the land of chocolate, snow covered villages and fondue - Switzerland! One of the most popular traditions in this little European country, that many folks still take part in, is Advent calendars.
Now, many of us are familiar with the commercialized version of this activity, which is filled with inexpensive chocolate bits, but the Swiss don't hold back! Advent marks the start of the Christmas preparations for the season. In addition to chocolate, some will include tea, alcohol, toys and so much more! In fact, in some villages, there are 'real' advent calendars with different houses decorating an 'Advent Window'. On the day when it's your house with the advent window, you hold a party for the villagers in the evening. There's food, mulled wine (called Glühwein) and music.
There are so many ways to create an Advent calendar for your family, and many of them are super easy to create! Check out this article from Country Living that includes dozens of styles you can do at home!
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