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Pool Reservations Aug 1 - 3
Posted on Jul 27th, 2020

Beginning at Noon, we will begin taking reservations for Saturday, August 1st, through Monday, August 3rd. Reservations for these dates must be made prior to Friday at 5:00 PM.

Please visit the Sign-Up Genius link to make your reservations.
We also wanted to remind everyone that there are no guests allowed at the pool at this time. This is for several reasons, including safety and liability and to make sure that residents have priority access to the facility. All attendees must be a permanent, full-time resident of SunCrest. As is policy regardless of the situation, all residents 12 years and older must show their community ID card to access the pool. If you need a new card ($10 per card, cash or check), or update the information we have on record, please visit the OA office. Proof of residency (a piece of mail with name and address) must be shown to be added to an account.  
All reservations must be made via the link above!
Moving forward, we will be sending out a new link shortly before noon every Monday (for reservations on Tuesday through Friday) and on Thursday (for reservations on Saturday through Monday). So it will be a new link each time. We'll also post it on our Facebook page.
We have noted multiple owners have continued to make "just in case" reservations, meaning residents sign up for reservation slots and then do not show up for their reservations. Beginning immediately, the Board of Trustees will implement a "Three Strikes" rule in regards to pool reservations. If a household no-shows for more than three of their scheduled pool reservations, their pool privileges will be blocked for the remainder of the pool season. The Board wants to ensure as many residents have access to the pool as possible and having spaces taken up by no-shows keeps that from happening. Please continue to utilize the online reservation system and we appreciate your patience during this time!
We ask that you do not give your reservations away to other residents as we are required to verify residency and whether or not that resident is in good standing with the HOA. We also ask that if the slots available cannot accommodate your group size, do not reserve the slot with a fewer number and arrive with a larger group than is registered.

Please remember that a Release of Liability Waiver is required for every resident 18 years and older. A parent or guardian must sign for any minors prior. These must be presented before accessing the pool for the first time. You may print and sign the form(s) prior to coming to the pool to save time (preferred), or sign them when you arrive. We recommend taking a picture of your signed form with your phone so you do not have to sign the form multiple times
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