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Governing Documents

See the updated Additional Dwelling Unit amendment. (Short-term rentals and Airbnb)
The purpose of the Articles of Incorporation is to:
· Bring the corporation into existence
· Define its basic purposes and powers
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The Bylaws address such topics as:
· Requirements for membership in the Owners Association
· Membership Meetings
· General powers & duties of the board
The Bylaws can be found at the CC&Rs link below, beginning on page 77.
The purpose of the Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs) is to:
· Define the portions of the development owned by the individual owners and those owned by the Owners Association.
· Create interlocking relationships binding all the owners to one another and to the Owners Association for the purposes of maintaining, governing, and funding the development.
· Establish protective standards, restrictions, and obligations in areas ranging from architectural control to prohibitions on various activities in order to promote harmonious living.
· Provide the mechanism for financial support of the Owners Association through assessments.
· Provide for a transition of control of the Owners Association from the developer to the owners.
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Social Media Policy
Social media provides opportunities for the SunCrest Owners Association to communicate with its target audiences. Guidelines must be established, however, for the use and content of Association-managed social networks. 
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